Murilo Nogueira Linhares

Name: Murilo Nogueira Linhares
Age: 29
Hometown: Parker, Colorado
Sport(s)/Activity: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Affiliations/Groups: Gracie Barra (Castle Rock and Gracie Barra Centennial)
Social Media Handles:
Insta: @murilopersonaltrainerbjj

1. Why did I first choose my sport?

To learn self defense

2. Why do I continue to play my sport?

Because it changed my life.

3. If I could achieve anything I wished for in my sport, what would it be?

Be a great competitor, win many important titles and also make the difference in people lives.

4. What are the physical things I do really well in my sport?

Do techniques to submit. I have to use all my body all the time.

5. What are the mental things I do really well in my sport?

I know how to stay in difficult situations and be calm. I have to stay calm even in the bad spot.

6. How physically fit/strong do I need to be for my sport?

The most that I can. I have to always workout in the gym to be stronger and don't injury.

7. What skills and attributes do the best athletes have in my sport?

They are precise, work so hard and also mentally strong.

8. What do I need to do to make sure I’m physically prepared for my sport?

Train hard in jiu-jitsu and in the physical conditioning.

9. How many hours of sleep do I need each night?

6 to 8 hours

10. How do I make sure I get a sound night’s sleep?

Don't get too stressed out at night.

11. How do I know if my recovery is working?

When I'm feeling good in the training sessions.

12. What about sport brings me the most joy?

When you finish the training and feel good, your day change, your life change.

13. How important is achieving my sporting goals to me?

It's my life, I changed all my life to live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. So it's very important to me achieve my goals

14. Where does confidence come from?

The more I train, the more prepared for the fight, the more I fight championships, I feel more confident.

15. What am I going to change tomorrow to make me better than I was today?

I'm always trying to be better, be a better person, be a better athlete. I try to change one problem at a time

16. Any other info you want to share about yourself or your sport?

I'll do my best to grow myself and also help your company grow! I also do a lot of activities that I can post