Josh Taylor

Name: Josh Taylor
Age: 31
Hometown: Denver, CO
Sport(s)/Activity: MMA and BJJ
Affiliations/Groups: Colorado BJJ & MMA
Social Media Handles: @Josh_Taylor_MMA

1. Why did I first choose my sport?

A lot of people say they want to fight MMA, truth is, very few do. I wanted to be one of the few.

2. Why do I continue to play my sport?

MMA is the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done, I want to conquer my fear and conquer the sport.

3. If I could achieve anything I wished for in my sport, what would it be?

A career where I motivate and inspire people to believe they are capable of anything they work hard for.

4. What are the physical things I do really well in my sport?

I suppose I can really take a punch.

5. What are the mental things I do really well in my sport?

When motivation is not enough, my discipline pulls me through.

6. How physically fit/strong do I need to be for my sport?

Cardio is Key! After that, you need to just work on what best suites you.

7. What skills and attributes do the best athletes have in my sport?

Discipline, Stamina and a calm demeanor. 

8. What do I need to do to make sure I’m physically prepared for my sport?

Training, healthy diet and recovery. 

9. How many hours of sleep do I need each night?

6 Hours

10. How do I make sure I get a sound night’s sleep?

I work hard through the day and make sure to follow a routine at night.

11. How do I know if my recovery is working?

Aches and pains are less noticeable and my body adapts to the training. 

12. What about sport brings me the most joy?

The people I meet along my journey.

13. How important is achieving my sporting goals to me?

It is the most important thing to me next to being a good father and husband. 

14. Where does confidence come from?


15. What am I going to change tomorrow to make me better than I was today?

I try to get 1% better at everything I do everyday.