Athletic Ambassador Program Guidelines

What is the Athletic Ambassador Program?

5280Holistics LLC prides itself on constantly performing at the best of our ability to provide high-quality products and making sure our customers are happy. We also strive to stay active in our community. We do this by participating in local markets, hosting events, collaborating with other local business and sponsoring local athletes. When 5280Holistics LLC sponsors athletes, we create a partnership with the athlete where we mutually promote each other.

We have a point-based program where the athlete performs simple tasks to earn points and these points can be redeemed in different ways. Below are some of the ways to earn points. Once earned, athletes can redeem these points online as money off future purchases and we also offer sponsorship opportunities where; if the athlete has enough points and is actively helping to promote our brand, we will pay for their entrance fee (with in reason) to a competition and have a 5280Holistics logo printed somewhere on their competition gear.  

What to Expect From US 

Here at 5280Holisitics we promise to do our best to help promote you as an athlete. We will tag you in posts, post about your competitions/events and offer deals on our products. We rely on our social media presence and traffic on our website to promote you as an athlete. We offer a discount on your first purchase after signing up for our program. 5280Holistics LLC reserves the right to deny or terminate a sponsorship for ANY reason and at ANYTIME. 

What WE ask of YOU: 

All we ask of you is to include us in your social media presence. Have fun but please use good social media etiquette when promoting us. Tag us in relevant posts, post about us, share/like our posts, request to have us share posts about you in upcoming competitions/events and overall promote the 5280Holistics LLC brand. We require at least one type of engagement/interaction a week. Whether that's a post with us tagged on social media, sending us content with you and one of our products/swag visible or wearing 5280 swag and giving shoutouts in your competitions. We are looking to generate excitement about our brand as well as gaining new clients/customers!


How to Earn Points:

2 Points per Dollar Spent Online  

For every dollar you spend on our website and in person at markets, you will receive 2 points credited to your account instantly.  

200 Points Refer a Friend  

 When you sign up for our Rewards Program you will get a unique link. Share this link with friends. When your friends click on this link and make their first purchase on our website, you both will get credited 200 points. Send this code to as many friends as possible to increase your points fast! 

50 Points Share Our Posts   

Share our new posts on Facebook and earn 50 Points for each post shared.  

200 Points on Your Birthday 

ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!! Add your birthday when you sign up for our rewards program and every year on your birthday you will earn 200 points instantly!  

25 Points Like Our Facebook Page  

Like our page and earn 25 points 

50 Points Leave a Good Review on Product 

Enjoying our products? We would love to hear why! Leave us a review on our products and earn 50 points per review. (Points only valid for purchased products, one review per product) 

75 Points for Video Review of Product 

REALLY enjoying our products and want to tell everybody? Make a video review featuring a product and send it to and you will earn 75 points. We may use it on our website and social media 

10 Points for Original Content 

We love content! Take pictures with our products and send them and a quick caption to Make sure each one is new and unique and we will credit 10 points to your account after being reviewed. Limit two photos per day. 

100 Points if we use your Photo or Video Review on our Social Media or website 

Giving us great content? If we feature your photo anywhere on our website or on our social media, we will credit your account 100 points per picture or video! 

Tier 1 athletes are athletes with a strong social media presence (5000 or more followers on Instagram) earns standard points + 25% multiplier (birthday and referral points excluded)


How to redeem points 

Redeeming points is easy and there are a few options for our athletes to choose from. When redeeming points for money off of purchases, log into the rewards program and find the discount option that works best for you. When you cash in on your points you will receive a discount code that you will use during check out. 

Point Break Down:     200 Points = $5.00 Off 

                                   400 Points = $10.00 Off 

                                   900 Points = $25.00 Off
Sponsorship: TBD 
5280Holistics swag: TBD 



Must be 18 years old or older to participate 
Must be signed up to our Rewards Program
Must fill out Athletic Ambassador Questionnaire
Must sign General Release of Liability Waiver 
Must be active on social media